PRESS RELEASE: Jacqueline Abernathy runs for Texas Governor with American Solidarity Party

The pro-life advocate is running a grassroots write-in campaign as a true pro-life option to Abbott and Beto

Austin, TX-

Dr. Jacqueline Abernathy of San Antonio, TX is running for Governor of Texas as the candidate for the American Solidarity Party. Dr. Abernathy is a successful and experienced advocate for life issues and is running as a true pro-life for the whole life alternative to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, and Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke.

Dr. Abernathy is running as a write-in candidate, and will be on the certified list of write-in candidates in November. Texas is a state with extremely difficult ballot access laws for independent and alternative parties. Qualification for ballot access in Texas takes over 81,000 signatures of registered voters that haven’t voted in a primary to be gathered in a three month window. Out of the 11 Independent candidates registered with the Texas Secretary of State, none of them will most likely end up on the ballot.

Dr. Abernathy’s vision for Texas includes a state where all life at every stage and circumstance is legally protected, and economically supported. Some key issues include: a constitutional right to life at conception, end of the death penalty, universal health care, greater support for families and child welfare, protecting trans children from government harrassment, support for local school districts, compassionate care for migrants and refugees, reform of our criminal justice system, protecting religious freedom for all, reforming our elections system, redress of historic injustices on people of color, and greater care for our environment and resources.

Dr. Abernathy is currently a wife, mother, development manager, and policy analyst. She has helped think tanks, advocacy groups, and multiple Attorney General’s in providing expert knowledge and consultation in making our state better. Dr. Abernathy plans on using that expertise and experience as Governor to make a better Texas for everyone at all stages of life.

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