Statement on Pending Execution of Melissa Lucio


Explain why we *have* to kill this woman? What does that profit us? Exactly why *should* we destroy her? What justice does that do? Even if there were all sorts of benefits from this violence, it is still evil unless there is a need for it to protect other human life. She is no threat to anyone and likely INNOCENT at that. Showing her mercy could only be good.

Although Greg Abbott is supposed to be a Catholic, he has been merciless to people that were likely also innocent. When he has been given a chance to show mercy, he has chosen death. Look up the late Lester Bower Jr.- Texas killed him on our behalf when is Greg Abbott refused to intervene. He was almost certainly innocent and executed under Greg Abbott’s watch. He was nobody to the Governor, but the uncle of one of my former students at Tarleton State University.

Beto O’Rourke supports someone else’s choice to murder innocent children but when Greg Abbott has been given a chance to intervene and prevent the murder of someone he could save, he has refused. For this and other reasons, Greg Abbott is no more an acceptable choice than Beto is.

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